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SlimeFun Info

What does Slimefun do?​

Slimefun adds Items to Minecraft without the need to install mods. Slimefun4 alone contains far over 400 new Items and Blocks. Some of these include but not limited to:

  • Backpacks
  • Nuclear Reactors
  • A Magic Altar, Runes and Wands
  • Item Transport Systems
  • Energy Networks
  • Electric Machines
  • Programmable Androids (Mining Robots)
  • Hologram Projectors
  • Explosive Pickaxes
  • and many, many, many, many more…


To make grinding easier we have also added slimefun dusts to the vanilla ores drop table. Whenever you mine a vanilla ore, you also have a chance to drop additional slimefun dusts.

Information and Wiki

Slimefun is a constantly evolving plugin therefore instead of explaining everything one by one here, we’re going to direct you to the plugin’s official wiki. The wiki is constantly updated and it has explanations for everything. Though be aware research is different in our server, it is heavily cut down to reduce grinding for XP.

In-Game Guide

When you join the server you will have a slimefun guide book, this shows you all the slimefun items and you can research new items from here.

If you lose your guide book for any reason you can get it back with /slimefun guide. You can also open this book without having it in your inventory by using /slimefun open_guide.


We also have added some addons for SlimeFun4 for to extend the plugin's capibilities. These are;


This addon adds some machines, backpacks, barrels, items and more. More info about it can be found here.


This addon adds new plants, fruits, vegetables and food items to the game. More info about this addon can be found here.

Simple Storage

This addon adds new mass storage blocks. More info about how they work and how to obtain them can be found on its own wiki.


This addon for Slimefun adds a new command: /sfcalc. This command can calculate how much basic slimefun resources you need to make the specified item.

Usage: /sfcalc calc [required: item] [optional: amount]

Item is the id of the item you want to craft. An item id is like this: "electric_motor", "carbonado", "solar_generator" (basic solar generator), etc. For tiered machines that are not lowest tier, add the tier number after the id. For example: "solar_generator_3" (carbonado solar generator), "lava_generator_2" (advanced lava generator), "carbon_press" (carbon press [tier 1]), etc.

Amount is the number of items you want to craft. It defaults to 1 if you don't specify any amount.

Using /sfcalc needed instead of /sfcalc calc will show the items needed for the calculated item.

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