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The server has a basic money economy system. To see your balance use the /bal command. You earn money by staying online, killing mobs, achievements, jobs(click to see Jobs guide), daily/weekly/monthly rewards, playtime rewards, and also from crates. To learn more about rewards see Rewards, for mob drops see Drop Tables.

You are also able to see sell almost every vanilla item to the /shop. For unsellable items or valuables, there is also a player auction system you can access with /ah command.

Using Money

Money is mainly used to purchase things from the shop. However, you can also use it to recharge your flight which allows you to fly in the server, for more information on that see Flight Systems.

There are also commands that cost money, such as the /back command(costs 1k$), and when you die to teleport to your death location you need to spend money.

PlayerVaults which you can access through the main menu also cost money to use and create.

Buying pets costs money.


Taxes are collected weekly and they are divided into brackets:

  • If you have less than 5,000$ you do not pay tax.
  • Between 5,000$-10,000$ you pay 50$ weekly.
  • Between 10,001$-50,000$ you pay 100$ weekly.
  • Between 50,001$-100,000$ you pay 500$ weekly.
  • Between 100,001$-500,000$ you pay 1,000$ weekly.
  • Between 500,001$-1,000,000$ you pay 1,500$ weekly.
  • Between 1,000,001$-5,000,000$ you pay 1,500$ + 0.01$ for every claimed block weekly.
  • Between 5,000,001$-10,000,000$ you pay 4,000$ + 0.05$ for every claimed block weekly.
  • If you have more than 10,000,000$ you pay 8,000$ + 0.1$ for every claimed block weekly.

Yes, this does make you less intensived to claim your blocks, and yes if your base gets griefed it will be restored, however, we are not responsible for stolen items.

If you wish to learn about the Wealth System, that is explained in Mob Leveling.

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