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New Player Guide

Hello and welcome to the new player guide!

This is a guide for newcomers to the server, you can use the table of contents above to jump a specific content if you wish.

This guide assumes you know the basics of Minecraft gameplay and how to join the server.

First Join

When you first join you will start with some items(tools, sword, food, armor…) you will also receive a couple of keys. You can access the survival world by using the portal on your right or by typing /survival or /survival2 for 1.18 generated world. To go back to the spawn world you can use /spawn command.

You also have a bed in your inventory, if you wish to pass the night try sleeping! This only works when the majority of the players on the server sleep at the same time.

We use a GUI main menu on our server to access it simply press ‘F’ or type /menu . You can access almost everything from this menu, so when you join give this a look.

To use the Keys you got you to need to go to the warp crates. You can do this via the F menu or by typing /warp crates(/crates) . Just right-click with the key in your hand to the right crate. If left-click a crate you can preview the items in it and your chances.

Making Your Home

When you are in the survival world you can use /rtp command to randomly spawn around the world. There is also a live server map where you can check a lot of things.

Once you find a place to settle, you will have to claim it to secure it! The first chest you place in the server makes a 9×9 claim by default, you can also expand it. To claim land you have to select two corners of your claim with a golden shovel. You can see our How to Claim Land guide if you wish. Everything in your claim is protected and PVP is disabled even infringe cases of grief we do full recovery so do not worry. This said you do not have unlimited claim blocks, you start with 280 blocks and you gain blocks hourly up to 14000. You can also buy claim blocks or earn from crates.

For building the actual home you can get blocks from /shop, you can also get decoration blocks from /headdb.


When you first click a bed it will create your first home, you can go to this home by typing /home . To set a home you can use /sethome [name] the name is optional. To access this home later you just need to type /home [name] and you will teleport there! To see all of your homes type /homes. You can create up to 10 homes. VIP players can create up to 30.


When you die in the server, your items automatically get put in a chest on your death location. When you respawn you should see a GUI with some options if you don’t see this GUI try typing /acgui . You can either TP to your death location and claim your chest or fetch the chest to your current location. These both cost different amounts of money. Your chest stays up for 15 minutes after then it will get deleted. You will also get 70% of your XP back.

Totems of Undying do work from your inventory meaning you do not have to put them on your off-hand.

Useful Features

  • There are player vaults you can access from the F menu, these are like virtual chests. Go to the F menu for more info.
  • You can edit signs with shift-right click.
  • You can sort your inventory or chests with buttons or auto sort them. Check out user settings in F menu for this.(/usersettings)
  • You can boost your Elytra flight with right-clicking while holing a feather. This costs 2XP per click. You can use this for launching as well.
  • You can scroll trough paintings with mouse wheel.

Making Money

There are many ways you can make money.

You can get daily/weekly keys. /rewards

Regarding Keys

Keys are good way of making money and getting some decent gear. There is a Key Exchange NPC in the /crates area, where you can trade your keys for better ones. To see the rewards and chaces in the crates just punch it(left-click).

Mobs in the server drop money and can also drop XP and Keys. You can farm these for money. With keys, you can get money from crates or sell the keys to other players.

You can sell most of the vanilla things on /shop.

You can also get Keys from achievements.

Jobs is a very good option to earn money and experience too for more info about it click here.


You can have your own pets on our server. They can be used to fight, carry things for you, give you beacon effects, and much more! Check out our Pets guide for more info.

Getting Help

You can use the #mc-support channel on discord for any questions and help. Feel free to tag me with @kirin at any time.

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