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How to get VIP?

You can get VIP by donating to the server through our Patreon page or by using the slut points you earn on the discord server.

To buy with discord points check out the #shop-window channel in the server.

Donating to the server will also give you many discord special perks, if you wish to learn more check out the #donation channel on the server.

VIP Benefits

  • Access to daily & weekly VIP crates.
  • 10k money instant. (one time)
  • 500 claim blocks instant. (one time)
  • Colored & Stylized nicknames.
  • Colored & Stylized signs.
  • Colored & Stylized anvil nametags.
  • Gain claim blocks faster.
  • 2x Online pay.
  • 2x McMMO experience.
  • Access to VIP kit.
  • Have up to 30 homes.
  • More Vaults & Vault spaces.
  • Sell items for better prices in the shop. (%20 more)
  • Elytra super boost.
  • Jobs double XP(Leveling).
  • Jobs double XP, money, and points.
  • Gain pet XP 250% faster.
  • 6 Rows of Enderchest.
  • 2% more money drop from mobs.

Claiming Your VIP

Getting VIP is not automatic if you bought it from the shop or donated, DM kirin#9329 on the discord server to get your VIP.

Once you get your VIP rank on the server you will be able to open VIP crates every week and day respectively. There are also other rewards in the VIP section of the main menu.

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