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Features and Plugins

We have made a sizeable effort to prevent people from memorizing commands by adding GUI-based menus. These all can be accessed from the main menu which you can access by pressing F or by typing /menu.


We have an ever-evolving economy with server shops, jobs, and player shops. There are many things to buy including VIP and VIP perks, spawners, custom enchantments books, and more.

EXP is generally has a greater value in the server due to custom enchantments costing XP.

Jobs give you the unique ability to earn points which you can redeem for keys and keys can be exchanged for better keys or for money and XP.

Earning money is relatively easy, any farm can be profitable as mobs drop money and you can sell almost anything in the server shop.


SlimeFun4 adds many aspects of popular mods to the vanilla version such as generators, machines, magic altars, and many many more. Check out more information about it in slimefun guide.


mcMMO adds an MMO-like leveling system you gain levels by doing many things and the higher your level the more abilities you unlock. Check out more information about it in mcmmo guide.


In Unicornia we have many various achievements that grant you money, exp, and keys. To see the list of achievements and your completion type /aachievements list you can also access this list from the main menu.

Custom Items and Custom Enchantments

We have many custom items and enchantments on the server, for more information about these click here.

Angel Chest

When you die in the server, your items and 90% of your XP will be stored in a chest at your death location. When you respawn you will see a GUI that shows you its location and gives you the ability to teleport to it or to fetch the chest to your location. These costs money.

You can use /acgui to open the GUI manually or /acinfo to list all of your angel chests.


AutoShulkers adds an awesome new feature: shulker boxes can automatically pick up certain drops, for more information about these please read our auto shulkers guide.

Chest Sort

ChestSort can automatically sort every chest, barrel, etc. after you have used it. Every player can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /sort (or /chestsort). Players can also sort their own inventory using the command /invsort, or automatically using /invsort on|off . You can also use hotkeys (middle-click, double-click, shift-click and shift+right-click) within player inventories, chests etc. to have them sorted, if you do not wish automatic sorting.

You can change your settings from the main menu. (F > User Settings)

This plugin also has many hotkeys which can also be configured from the menu.

Shift click:

Shift + left click on any EMPTY inventory slot

Double click:

Double click on any EMPTY inventory slot

Shift + right click:

Shift + right click on any EMPTY inventory slot

Left-Click a container:

Sorts the clicked container (chest, barrel, shulker box, etc.)

Left-Click outside inventory:

Puts all matching stuff (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

Double-Left-Click outside inventory:

Puts all items (except hotbar) into the chest, barrel etc.

Right-Click outside inventory:

Puts matching items from the chest, barrel etc. into your inventory

Double-Right-Click outside inventory:

Empties the whole chest, barrel etc. into your inventory

Flight Systems

We have our own flight system that allows you to fly by paying for the traveled distance.

We also have some custom features for the Elytra flight.

For more information about this please read our flight systems page.

Custom Drops

In addition to mobs dropping money, they also can drop keys, which can be exchanged for better keys at the key exchange NPC.

Ore blocks can also drop slime fun dusts!


With the MyPet plugin, you are able to buy a pet and level them and make them do insane things such as; fight for you, carry items, or even carry beacon effects!

For more information please read our Pets guide.


With Jobs, you are able to earn in-game money, XP, and points which you can later redeem for keys!

For more information please read our Jobs guide.

Player Vaults

Player vaults allow you to have an extra inventory space that you can access from anywhere.

You can access this from the F menu or by typing /vault <number>.

Creating a vault costs money as well as accessing it.


Voting is a simple task that you can do in order to gain keys and money. Simply type /vote then click the links and vote for the server, don’t forget to enter your in-game name correctly to receive rewards. There are many rewards!

Timber Plugin

When cutting trees in the server you only need to cut the base and the tree will topple with its animation.

Saplings will automatically be planted and the loot from the tree will be automatically added to your inventory.

Though be aware that if the tree falls on you it will damage you!

Vein Miner

Vein Miner allows you to mine all of the ore chunks at once. To use this mine while sneaking, though be aware this costs 10$ for each use.

Other Features

  • You can scroll paintings with a mouse wheel to change them.
  • Click on chat message for a simple reply.
  • You can edit signs. Shift + Right-click.
  • Totem of Undying works from your inventory.
  • You can equip hats with /hat.
  • You can sit on slabs and stairs.
  • /colors and /colorpicker allows you to choose colors to use in signs names etc.
  • Selection Visualizer allows you to see the are you selected when claiming with grief prevention.
  • Many Crates
  • Online Map
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