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Custom Items


On our server, you can get custom heads, that serve as decorations. They are small head-sized and shaped blocks. You can get them from the main menu or by typing /heads or /hdb. They do cost money.

Custom Items

We have many types of custom items on the server ranging from equipment to chairs and desks. Currently, the only way to acquire these items is to craft them.

To browse custom items click on the book icon on the main menu or type /ia this will open up its own GUI. Choose a category or search for the item you want, then click on it, this will show you its recipe. If you click on an item in the recipe it will open that item’s recipe. Some items can be dropped from vanilla mechanics if this is the case you will see an icon below the recipe, hovering over this will show you where does it drop and your chances.

Most of the furniture and decoration items/blocks can be found in /shop.

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