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Jobs Guide

What are jobs?

Jobs are well they are jobs, you earn money, exp, and job points by doing your job and quests. You also level up in the job the more you do it which will increase your earnings.

There are currently 17 jobs available; Brewer, Builder, Crafter, Digger, Enchanter, Farmer, Explorer, Fisherman, Hunter, Miner, Weaponsmith, Smelter, Woodcutter, Cooker, Taster, Caretaker and Baker.

Each job requires you to do something different. For example, the brewer needs to brew positions to gain earnings and level up, the harder the poition they brew the more XP they get.

You can join 3 jobs at once.

Browsing Jobs and Info

To browse jobs you can use /jobs browse or access it from the main menu(recommended).

Clicking on a job will show you different actions that you can gain XP from, hover over these to see how much you can gain.

Right-clicking on a job will join you to that job.

Points Shop

With the points, you earn you can buy crate keys.

You can access the shop from the main menu(Jobs > Point Shop) or by typing /jobs shop.

Also, remember you can always exchange keys for better keys at the crates warp.

Job Quests

Jobs have their own daily quests that reset every 12 hours. To see your current quests type /jobs quests hover over these to see what you need to do and the payment. Higher-level you are at a job better payment you will get.

You can also skip your current quests with /jobs quests next but this will cost you 500$.

Protections and Limits

There are some limits on jobs to prevent exploits and to prevent power creep.

You can not explore while flying this includes elytra flight as well.

You will not gain XP from breaking blocks you placed.

You can only gain “100+500*(totallevel/100)” points every 24 hours.

You will not gain XP from smelting when a hopper places the items in a furnace.

You will not gain XP from ore generators. (Cobblestone generator etc.)

Useful Commands

Command Description
/jobs leave jobName Leaves the specified job.
/jobs leaveall Leaves all the jobs.
/jobs points Displays the amount of player’s points.
/jobs stats Prints the player’s job statistic.
/jobs info jobName Displays information about the given job.
/jobs top jobName Displays specific job’s top list in chat.
/jobs gtop Displays global jobs top list in the scoreboard.
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