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Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments

To see a list of all the enchantments on the server type /enchants. To buy enchantment books use /enchanter.

You can use Alchemist to combine two dusts for a better rate or to combine two enchantment books for increased enchantment level (i.e. two Speed I books for Speed II). The command for this is /alchemist.

You can use the tinkerer to exchange your enchanted armor for experience or exchange your custom enchant book for a fireball. A fireball has a chance of getting magic dust, which improves the success rate on a given rarity enchant book. The command for this is /tinkerer.

You can see a list of the enchantments with /ae list colors are for rarity. Clicking on the enchantment names will bring up information about them; Max level, description and what it can be applied to.

  • Slot Increaser
    Applying will increase the number of slots available on the item.
  • Enchantment Orbs
    Enchantment orbs can be applied to armor/weapons and will increase the amount of enchants you can apply on that item by the number specified in the orb’s lore.
  • White Scroll
    Applying one of these to your item will protect it from being destroyed by a failed enchantment.
  • Secret, Mystery, and Magic Dust
    Increase book(s) success rate, while decreasing failure. The higher the success rate is, the higher chance of the enchantment applying to the item.
  • Black Scroll
    Applying this item will take away one random custom enchantment from the item, and give a book of it with a 95% success chance.
  • Randomization Scrolls
    Applying one of these to the given custom enchant book will randomize the success and destroy rates.
  • BlockTrak
    Apply a tracker on tools to track the number of blocks mined using the item.
  • StatTrak
    Applicable to weapons, to track player kills done with the item.
  • Transmog Scroll
    Organize enchantments on the item.
  • Holy White Scroll
    Save items after death.
  • Mob Trak
    Track how many mobs have been killed with an item.
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