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Flight Systems


When using an elytra you will see a speedometer on the bottom of your screen.

You can boost your elytra speed with right-click. This can also be used for launch. You have to have a Feather in your hand Cost: 2XP each time

VIP players can now use the super boost which is 3x more powerful than the normal one. To use it hold a feather and shift right-click. Cost: 6 XP each time

Flight Charge System

Flight charge system allows players to fly(like in creative mode) but costs money or XP for each block traveled.

To recharge your flight, you can use /fcharge or /recharge alternatively, you can access this from the main menu.

You can buy up to 10,000 charges at once. ( 10,000 blocks traveled.)

If you run out of charges mid-flight you will be teleported back to the ground to avoid “accidents”.

There is also an auto-recharge option which you can toggle with /autorecharge <exp/money/off> . This only recharges when you reach 5% of your maximum allowed charges and fills up 10% charge.

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