How to Use Discord

If you’ve never used another major chat app before, Discord’s layout could be confusing. That being said, if you’re familiar with apps like Slack or TeamSpeak, you probably won’t have any problems. There will be a left-hand column that shows icons for all of the servers you’re a part of. At first, there won’t be anything there, until you join some servers. Just to the right of that, you may find a list of conversations. Again, this will be empty at first. But once you start having some conversations with friends, a list will show up. Speaking of friends, you can browse your Friends list and add friends from this screen as well.

Once you’re actually in a server, you will see a few things. On the left, you’ll see a list of channels. Channels are basically just chat rooms. Think of them as topic-specific areas. For example, a Memes channel would be dedicated to posting and discussing memes. The main part of your screen will be the actual content of the channel. Click on a channel to open it, and you’ll see a constantly-updated feed of text and photos that other server members are posting. Just start typing in the chatbox to join the conversation!

On the right side of a server will be its members list. You may notice different categories and colors. These indicators denote certain members as holding special roles in the server.

Also if you want an additional resource about how to learn using Discord you can check out’s youtube playlist here.

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