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How to Spoiler Images

On Unicornia

On our server, you can spoiler images with &spoiler command. Just type &spoiler with your image attached and it will be auto spoilered, it will deleted after 10 seconds.

On Desktop/Browser

Just click the “Mark as spoiler” option while sharing a picture and you are good to go.

Discord Spoilering Images


On mobile, it is a bit trickier. What you need to do is rename the photo name so for example if the image name is example.jpg you need to make it SPOILER_example.jpg. Just add the SPOILER_ in front of whatever the file name is and share that photo, it will be automatically spoilered.


Go to your file manager. Rename the picture to SPOILER_imagename. Now it is renamed you can share it on discord.


Add your images to your files app. Rename your picture to SPOILER_imagename (SPOILER has to be all capital letters). Then attach the file to discord through your Files app, not your gallery or other apps.

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