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Custom Enchantments and Items


On our server, you can get custom heads, that serve as decorations. They are small head-sized and shaped blocks. You can get them from the main menu or by typing /heads or /hdb. They do cost money.

Custom Items

We have many types of custom items on the server ranging from equipment to chairs and desks. Currently, the only way to acquire these items is to craft them.

To browse custom items click on the book icon on the main menu or type /ia this will open up its own GUI. Choose a category or search for the item you want, then click on it, this will show you its recipe. If you click on an item in the recipe it will open that item’s recipe. Some items can be dropped from vanilla mechanics if this is the case you will see an icon below the recipe, hovering over this will show you where does it drop and your chances.

Custom Enchantments

To see a list of all the enchantments on the server type /enchants. To buy enchantment books use /enchanter.

You can use Alchemist to combine two dusts for a better rate or to combine two enchantment books for increased enchantment level (i.e. two Speed I books for Speed II). The command for this is /alchemist.

You can use the tinkerer to exchange your enchanted armor for experience or exchange your custom enchant book for a fireball. A fireball has a chance of getting magic dust, which improves the success rate on a given rarity enchant book. The command for this is /tinkerer.

You can see a list of the enchantments with /ae list colors are for rarity. Clicking on the enchantment names will bring up information about them; Max level, description and what it can be applied to.

  • Slot Increaser
    Applying will increase the number of slots available on the item.
  • Enchantment Orbs
    Enchantment orbs can be applied to armor/weapons and will increase the amount of enchants you can apply on that item by the number specified in the orb’s lore.
  • White Scroll
    Applying one of these to your item will protect it from being destroyed by a failed enchantment.
  • Secret, Mystery, and Magic Dust
    Increase book(s) success rate, while decreasing failure. The higher the success rate is, the higher chance of the enchantment applying to the item.
  • Black Scroll
    Applying this item will take away one random custom enchantment from the item, and give a book of it with a 95% success chance.
  • Randomization Scrolls
    Applying one of these to the given custom enchant book will randomize the success and destroy rates.
  • BlockTrak
    Apply a tracker on tools to track the number of blocks mined using the item.
  • StatTrak
    Applicable to weapons, to track player kills done with the item.
  • Transmog Scroll
    Organize enchantments on the item.
  • Holy White Scroll
    Save items after death.
  • Mob Trak
    Track how many mobs have been killed with an item.
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